Mogami 2932 8 Ch TRS 1/4" to XLR-F Snake with ELCO, EHS-Built

Model/Part Number: 8MB-EL-8FX-M2932-LLL
Price: $357.74
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This is our custom-built TRS to XLRF top quality 8 channel Mogami snake cable with ELCO (EDAC) (8 sends configuration). You won't find a nicer snake anywhere. Construction is Neutrik TRS 1/4" and XLRF with Mogami 2932 cable, fan-out wires with braided sleeve for protection, connectors with shrink tubing for color code and strain relief, and number label. There is an 38 pin ELCO (EDAC) connector wired between the two ends for quick separation of the two ends. An ELCO is a rectangular multi-pin connector with a metal hood that provides a durable solid connection while allowing fairly quick disconnect. Neutrik connectors are some of the best connectors around, with no screws to fall out after years of abuse. Mogami wire is (as far as I'm concerned) the best wire, used in the best studios for it's ultimate sound qualities and durability. Mogami 2932 cable is very flexible, durable, heavy-weight cable.
  • Our top quality snake cable made-to-order
  • 8 sends configuration
  • Great price
  • Mogami 2932 cable
  • Neutrik connectors
  • ELCO disconnect
  • Color label
  • Braided sleeve on fan-out
  • Number label
    • Numbered: 1-8 (unless requested otherwise)
  • Optional colored boots for connector ID. Pick one color for all or "Multi Color" for multi color ID using standard color code.
    • Standard Color code is 8 colors: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray
  • Optional custom label (Printed on the "Color Label Master" option)
    • Your name, company, or phone number
    • What it's connecting to or from, for example "CD out" "Channel 1 In" etc.
    • Length label
    • Your logo, please contact before ordering
  • Select fanout length: Normal length is approximately 12 inch.
    • * If a short cable is ordered, fanout length may need to be adjusted when built
  • Length is the cut wire length, and will be about mid-connector to mid-connector.
If you need different options please contact us.
Photo 1 shows the two ends with yellow shrink color labels and visual wiring layout.
Photo 2 shows expanded view of the two ends with yellow shrink color labels and red master.
Photo 3 shows the wire thickness.
For more information about cable types, CLICK HERE.
Option Information:
  • Colored Boot
  • Black and Gold Connectors
  • Fanout Length: Length of fanout on the TRS end
  • Fanout Length 2: Length of fanout on the XLRF end
  • Label: Custom label
  • Length: Length of cable from TRS to ELCO Male
  • Length 2: Length of cable from ELCO Female to XLRF
  • Shrink Color Label: Color label for lines 1-4
  • Shrink Color Label 2: Color label for lines 5-8
  • Shrink Color Master: Color of shrink that covers the snake to fanout transition and snake to ELCO connection (custom labels are printed on it)
Available Options:
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot:
  Colored Boot
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot: BlackBlack
Colored Boot: Blue (+$19.36)Blue (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Brown (+$19.36)Brown (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Gray (+$19.36)Gray (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Green (+$19.36)Green (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Orange (+$19.36)Orange (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Red (+$19.36)Red (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Violet (+$19.36)Violet (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: White (+$19.36)White (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Yellow (+$19.36)Yellow (+$19.36)
Colored Boot: Multi Color (+$23.84)Multi Color (+$23.84)
  Colored Boot
Click image to enlarge
Connectors: Nickel - X & C SeriesNickel - X & C Series
Connectors: Nickel - XX & PX Series (+$16.80)Nickel - XX & PX Series (+$16.80)
Connectors: Gold with Black - X & C Series (+$47.36)Gold with Black - X & C Series (+$47.36)
Connectors: Gold with Black - XX & PX Series (+$66.08)Gold with Black - XX & PX Series (+$66.08)
Fanout Length:  -TRS end
Fanout Length 2:  -XLR F end
Length:  -TRS to ELCO
Length 2:  -XLR F to ELCO
Shrink Color Label:  -Channels 1-4
  Shrink Color Label
Click image to enlarge
Shrink Color  Label: BlackBlack
Shrink Color  Label: BlueBlue
Shrink Color  Label: BrownBrown
Shrink Color  Label: GrayGray
Shrink Color  Label: GreenGreen
Shrink Color  Label: OrangeOrange
Shrink Color  Label: RedRed
Shrink Color  Label: VioletViolet
Shrink Color  Label: WhiteWhite
Shrink Color  Label: YellowYellow
  Shrink Color Label
Shrink Color Label 2:  -Channels 5-8
  Shrink Color Label 2
Click image to enlarge
Shrink Color Label 2: BlackBlack
Shrink Color Label 2: BlueBlue
Shrink Color Label 2: BrownBrown
Shrink Color Label 2: GrayGray
Shrink Color Label 2: GreenGreen
Shrink Color Label 2: OrangeOrange
Shrink Color Label 2: RedRed
Shrink Color Label 2: VioletViolet
Shrink Color Label 2: WhiteWhite
Shrink Color Label 2: YellowYellow
  Shrink Color Label 2
Shrink Color Master:
Special Instructions:  -Other wiring requests and changes; Fees may apply
Return Policy: Limited --More Information
Estimated Shipping time: 2-4 Days --More Information
Shipping: This Product Ships Free
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