18 amp 14AWG Specialty Power Cable/Adapter Cable, EHS-Built

Model/Part Number: XX-XX-C14/3SJ-LLL
Price: $26.78
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This is our custom-built Specialty power/extension/adapter cord. Construction is top quality Leviton, Union Connector, Neutrik, or Bulgin connectors with Carol Brand 14/3 SJOOW. We have picked these brands over others because they are top quality for years of service. Carol Brand 14/3 SJOOW cable is very flexible, durable, heavy-weight cable. Select the connectors and lengths needed to create an extension cord, power cord, or a power adapter.
  • Our top quality cable made-to-order
  • You select the configuration you need
    • Standard Edison 15 Amp (aka: U-Ground, 5-15P, 5-15R) (Leviton) ** 15 Amp Maximum
    • Right Angle Male Edison 15 Amp (Leviton) ** 15 Amp Maximum
    • Neutrik PowerCON 20 Amp (Neutrik) ** 18 Amp Maximum
    • Neutrik PowerCON True1 20 Amp (Neutrik) ** 18 Amp Maximum
    • Stage Pin 20 Amp (Union Connector) ** 18 Amp Maximum
    • IEC C-19 16 Amp
    • Twist-Lock 15 Amp (aka: L5-15P, L5-15R) (Leviton) ** 15 Amp Maximum
    • Twist-Lock 20 Amp (aka: L5-20P, L5-20R) (Leviton) ** 18 Amp Maximum
  • Great price
  • Carol Brand 14/3 SJOOW rated for 18 Amps
  • Select the length you need from 1 Ft to 400 Ft. (anything available by request)
  • Includes tag indicating maximum current.
  • Optional color label
  • Option select the length you want
  • Optional custom label (standard label is black text on white shrink, change shrink color with the "Color Label" option)
    • Your name, company, or phone number
    • What it's connecting to or from, for example "Dimmer 1" "Stage Left" etc.
    • Length label
    • Your logo, please contact before ordering
  • Length is the cut wire length, and will be about mid-connector to mid-connector.
Photo 1 shows 6' cable with Twist-Lock 15A Male and PowerCON.
Photo 2 shows one option for the two ends with Twist-Lock 15A Male and PowerCON.
Photo 3 shows the wire thickness.
Available Options:
Click image to enlarge
Length Additional:  -Added to Length, for over 100ft
Power In Plug:
  Power In Plug
Click image to enlarge
Power In Plug: - Please Select -- Please Select -
Power In Plug: Edison 15A 5-15PEdison 15A 5-15P
Power In Plug: Edison 15A Right Angle 5-15P (+$2.45)Edison 15A Right Angle 5-15P (+$2.45)
Power In Plug: PowerCON B/Gray 20A (+$3.04)PowerCON B/Gray 20A (+$3.04)
Power In Plug: PowerCON True1 MX (+$6.97)PowerCON True1 MX (+$6.97)
Power In Plug: Twist-Lock 15A L5-15P (+$3.03)Twist-Lock 15A L5-15P (+$3.03)
Power In Plug: Twist-Lock 20A L5-20P (+$3.30)Twist-Lock 20A L5-20P (+$3.30)
Power In Plug: Twist-Lock 15A Right Angle L5-15P (+$11.25)Twist-Lock 15A Right Angle L5-15P (+$11.25)
Power In Plug: Stage Pin 20A Male (+$1.75)Stage Pin 20A Male (+$1.75)
  Power In Plug
Power Out Plug:
  Power Out Plug
Click image to enlarge
Power Out Plug: - Please Select -- Please Select -
Power Out Plug: Edison 15A 5-15R (+$2.25)Edison 15A 5-15R (+$2.25)
Power Out Plug: Edison 20A 5-20R (+$6.45)Edison 20A 5-20R (+$6.45)
Power Out Plug: IEC-320 C-19 - 16amp (+$7.30)IEC-320 C-19 - 16amp (+$7.30)
Power Out Plug: PowerCON A/Blue 20A (+$1.79)PowerCON A/Blue 20A (+$1.79)
Power Out Plug: PowerCON True1 FX (+$5.72)PowerCON True1 FX (+$5.72)
Power Out Plug: Twist-Lock 20A L5-20R (+$7.95)Twist-Lock 20A L5-20R (+$7.95)
Power Out Plug: Twist-Lock 15A L5-15R (+$9.95)Twist-Lock 15A L5-15R (+$9.95)
Power Out Plug: Stage Pin 20A FemaleStage Pin 20A Female
  Power Out Plug
Shrink Color Label:
  Shrink Color Label
Click image to enlarge
Shrink Color  Label: NoNo
Shrink Color  Label: Black (+$0.75)Black (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Blue (+$0.75)Blue (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Brown (+$0.75)Brown (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Gray (+$0.75)Gray (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Green (+$0.75)Green (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Orange (+$0.75)Orange (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Red (+$0.75)Red (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Violet (+$0.75)Violet (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: White (+$0.75)White (+$0.75)
Shrink Color  Label: Yellow (+$0.75)Yellow (+$0.75)
  Shrink Color Label
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