DMX 3 pin XLR Male to RJ-45 Adapter, EHS-Built

Model/Part Number: RJ45-MX-CAT5-LLL
Price: $21.40
Eligible For Free Shipping
(Orders Over $75)
This is our custom-built adapter cable for lights that use RJ-45 CAT-5 for DMX input and output or to use installed CAT-5 wiring for your DMX lines. Construction is with a black stranded CAT-5 wire, top quality RJ-45, and Neutrik XLR connector. There is an optional label at the RJ-45 end to ID the pinout used.
  • Our top-quality adapter cable made-to-order
  • Great price
  • Stranded CAT-5 wire
  • Neutrik XLR connector
  • You select the configuration you need
    • Nickel, Gold, or Right Angle
  • Optional label with RJ-45 Pinout (see note below)
  • Optional colored boot for XLR and Ethercon only
  • Option select the length you want
  • Optional color label
    • Works great for strain relief
  • Optional custom label (standard label is black text on white shrink, change shrink color with the "Color Label" option)
    • Your name, company, or phone number
    • Length label
  • Length is the cut wire length and will be about mid-connector to mid-connector.

There are multiple pinouts for the RJ-45 end of this adapter. In the field below, "Gear Pinout" please select the pinout you require, ESTA is the most common pinout. Please select ESTA for a pass-through set. If pinout is not listed, please in the "Gear Make/Model" provide us the make and model of the gear at the RJ-45 so we can confirm the pinout (example: Color Kinetics PDS-60). Omission will result in an order delay while we contact you.

The optional pinout label is to indicate the gear make/pinout for easy identification of these cables if you require multiple cables with multiple pinouts.

Phot show 1 Ft cable shown with pinout label
For more information about cable types, CLICK HERE.
Available Options:
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot:  -XLR & Ethercon
  Colored Boot
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot: BlackBlack
Colored Boot: Blue (+$2.42)Blue (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Brown (+$2.42)Brown (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Gray (+$2.42)Gray (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Green (+$2.42)Green (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Orange (+$2.42)Orange (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Red (+$2.42)Red (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Violet (+$2.42)Violet (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: White (+$2.42)White (+$2.42)
Colored Boot: Yellow (+$2.42)Yellow (+$2.42)
  Colored Boot
Connector A:  -XLR End
  Connector A
Click image to enlarge
Connector A: XLR MaleXLR Male
Connector A: XLR Male (XX Series) (+$1.33)XLR Male (XX Series) (+$1.33)
Connector A: XLR Male Gold (+$1.70)XLR Male Gold (+$1.70)
Connector A: XLR Male Gold (XX Series) (+$2.96)XLR Male Gold (XX Series) (+$2.96)
Connector A: XLR Male Right Angle (+$8.49)XLR Male Right Angle (+$8.49)
Connector A: XLR Male Gold Right Angle (+$11.57)XLR Male Gold Right Angle (+$11.57)
Connector B:
Click image to enlarge
Connector B: Standard RJ-45Standard RJ-45
Connector B: EtherCon RJ-45 (black) (+$5.26)EtherCon RJ-45 (black) (+$5.26)
Gear Make/Model:  -To Confirm Pinout
Gear Pinout:
  Gear Pinout
Click image to enlarge
Gear Pinout: - Please Select -- Please Select -
Gear Pinout: ESTA Standard (Pinout A)ESTA Standard (Pinout A)
Gear Pinout: AFX (Pinout E) (+$0.00)AFX (Pinout E) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: Color Kinetics (Pinout B) (+$0.00)Color Kinetics (Pinout B) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: IluminARC (Pinout D) (+$0.00)IluminARC (Pinout D) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: LitePanels (Pinout C) (+$0.00)LitePanels (Pinout C) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: Martin (Pinout A) (+$0.00)Martin (Pinout A) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: Martin (Pinout B) (+$0.00)Martin (Pinout B) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: NilaNet  (Pinout C) (+$0.00)NilaNet (Pinout C) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: Rosco (Pinout F) (+$0.00)Rosco (Pinout F) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: Traxon (Pinout B) (+$0.00)Traxon (Pinout B) (+$0.00)
Gear Pinout: Other (Fill in Make/Model info) (+$0.00)Other (Fill in Make/Model info) (+$0.00)
  Gear Pinout
Length Additional:
Pinout Label:
Shrink Color Label:
  Shrink Color Label
Click image to enlarge
Shrink Color Label: NoNo
Shrink Color Label: Black (+$0.50)Black (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Blue (+$0.50)Blue (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Brown (+$0.50)Brown (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Gray (+$0.50)Gray (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Green (+$0.50)Green (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Orange (+$0.50)Orange (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Red (+$0.50)Red (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Violet (+$0.50)Violet (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: White (+$0.50)White (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Yellow (+$0.50)Yellow (+$0.50)
  Shrink Color Label
Special Instructions:  -Other wiring requests and changes; Fees may apply
Return Policy: Non-returnable --More Information
Estimated Shipping time: 1-2 Days --More Information
Shipping: Eligible For Free Shipping
(Orders Over $75) --More Information
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