Mogami 3106 - 2 Channel Send-Return XLR Cable 100 Ft, EHS-Built

Model/Part Number: MXFX-FXMX-M3106-100
Price: $218.36
Eligible For Free Shipping
(Orders Over $75)
This is our custom-built XLRM & XLRF to XLRF & XLRM dual (Send - Return) cable. Construction is Neutrik XLR with Mogami 3106 cable (similar to 2552). Neutrik connectors are some of the best connectors around, with no screws to fall out after years of abuse. Mogami wire is the best wire, used in the best studios for its ultimate sound qualities and durability. Mogami 3106 cable is a dual balanced cable in a zip-cord style and is very flexible, durable, light-weight cable.
  • Our top quality dual send return cable made-to-order (it has an XLR male and XLR female on each end)
  • Great price
  • Mogami 3106 Mic cable
  • Neutrik XLR connectors
  • Optional color label
    • Shrink Color Label: Color for channel 1
    • Shrink Color Label 2: Color for channel 2
    • Works great for strain relief
    • Identify Length, Ex: Red=10ft, White=15ft, Blue=20ft (you can pick your own code).
    • Identify Left = White, Right = Red
  • Optional upgrade to Black and Gold Connectors
  • Optional colored boot
    • Colored boot: Boot for channel 1
    • Colored boot 2: Boot for channel 2
  • Optional custom label (standard label is black text on white shrink, change shrink color with the "Color Label" option)
    • Your name, company, or phone number
    • What it's connecting to or from, for example, "CD out" "Channel 1 In" etc.
    • Length label
    • Your logo, please contact before ordering
  • Length is the cut wire length and will be about mid-connector to mid-connector.
Photo 1 shows 10' cable.
Photo 2 shows the two ends with nickel-silver straight connectors.
Photo 3 shows the wire thickness.
For more information about cable types, CLICK HERE.
If you need more connector options like XLR to TRS or RCA to Female TS etc. see our "Specialty Cables" or CLICK HERE.
For more information about cable lengths, CLICK HERE.
Available Options:
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot:  -Boot for channel 1
  Colored Boot
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot: BlackBlack
Colored Boot: Blue (+$3.00)Blue (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Brown (+$3.00)Brown (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Gray (+$3.00)Gray (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Green (+$3.00)Green (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Orange (+$3.00)Orange (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Red (+$3.00)Red (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Violet (+$3.00)Violet (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: White (+$3.00)White (+$3.00)
Colored Boot: Yellow (+$3.00)Yellow (+$3.00)
  Colored Boot
Colored Boot 2:  -Boot for channel 2
  Colored Boot 2
Click image to enlarge
Colored Boot 2: BlackBlack
Colored Boot 2: Blue (+$3.00)Blue (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Brown (+$3.00)Brown (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Gray (+$3.00)Gray (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Green (+$3.00)Green (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Orange (+$3.00)Orange (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Red (+$3.00)Red (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Violet (+$3.00)Violet (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: White (+$3.00)White (+$3.00)
Colored Boot 2: Yellow (+$3.00)Yellow (+$3.00)
  Colored Boot 2
Shrink Color Label:  -Color for channel 1
  Shrink Color Label
Click image to enlarge
Shrink Color Label: NoNo
Shrink Color Label: Black (+$0.50)Black (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Blue (+$0.50)Blue (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Brown (+$0.50)Brown (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Gray (+$0.50)Gray (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Green (+$0.50)Green (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Orange (+$0.50)Orange (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Red (+$0.50)Red (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Violet (+$0.50)Violet (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: White (+$0.50)White (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label: Yellow (+$0.50)Yellow (+$0.50)
  Shrink Color Label
Shrink Color Label 2:  -Color for channel 2
  Shrink Color Label 2
Click image to enlarge
Shrink Color Label 2: NoNo
Shrink Color Label 2: Black (+$0.50)Black (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Blue (+$0.50)Blue (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Brown (+$0.50)Brown (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Gray (+$0.50)Gray (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Green (+$0.50)Green (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Orange (+$0.50)Orange (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Red (+$0.50)Red (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Violet (+$0.50)Violet (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: White (+$0.50)White (+$0.50)
Shrink Color Label 2: Yellow (+$0.50)Yellow (+$0.50)
  Shrink Color Label 2
Special Instructions:  -Other wiring requests and changes; Fees may apply
XLR Connector Options:  -1 Male & 1 Female to 1 Female & 1 Male
  XLR Connector Options
Click image to enlarge
XLR Connector Options: Nickel (X Series)Nickel (X Series)
XLR Connector Options: Nickel (XX Series) (+$2.00)Nickel (XX Series) (+$2.00)
XLR Connector Options: Gold (X Series) (+$7.62)Gold (X Series) (+$7.62)
XLR Connector Options: Gold (XX Series) (+$15.68)Gold (XX Series) (+$15.68)
XLR Connector Options: Nickel: Right Angle Male (RX) -- Right Angle Female (RX) (+$33.92)Nickel: Right Angle Male (RX) -- Right Angle Female (RX) (+$33.92)
XLR Connector Options: Gold: Right Angle Male (RX)-- Right Angle Female (RX) (+$45.18)Gold: Right Angle Male (RX)-- Right Angle Female (RX) (+$45.18)
Qty Discount at: 30
Return Policy: Limited --More Information
Estimated Shipping time: 1-4 Days --More Information
Shipping: Eligible For Free Shipping (Orders Over $75) --More Information
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