RG-58C 50ohm coax cable BNC, EHS-Built

Model/Part Number: BN-BN-L-RG58C-L
Price: $22.00
Eligible For Free Shipping
(Orders Over $49)
This is our custom-built BNC to BNC 50ohm coaxial cable. Construction is BNCs with Lcom RG-58C style cable. This wire is very high quality wire, selected for its durability. This cable is fairly flexible, durable, light-weight cable, with 20awg stranded center conductor and a 95% braided shield.

This RG-58C wire supports 1GHz or 1000MHz bandwidth. *** This is a 50 ohm cable not for use with SDI, clock, S/Pdif, or most video. Typical applications include antennas, wireless mic antennas, wireless monitor antennas and more.
  • Our top quality coaxial cable made-to-order
  • Great price
  • RG-58C coaxial cable
  • Single 95% braid shield
  • Gold center pin BNC connectors
  • Top quality Amphenol connectors
  • 1 GHz Bandwidth
  • Low Attenuation & Return Loss
  • Precision 50 ohm Impedance
  • Optional color label
    • Works great for strain relief
    • Identify Length, Ex: Red=10ft, White=15ft, Blue=20ft, (you can pick your own code).
    • Identify Left = White, Right = Red
  • Select the length you need from 1 Ft to 400 Ft.
    • Any length available upon request including longer lengths
  • Optional custom label (standard label is black text on white shrink, change shrink color with the "Color Label" option)
    • Your name, company, or phone number
    • What it's connecting to or from, for example "CD out" "Channel 1 In" etc.
    • Length label
    • Your logo, please contact before ordering
  • Length is the cut wire length, and will be about mid-connector to mid-connector.

RG-58C Attenuation (dB per 100ft)
100 MHz 200 MHz 400 MHz 1000 MHz
4.9 7.3 11.0 13.5
Photo 1 shows 3' cable.
Photo 2 shows the two ends.
For more information about cable types, CLICK HERE.
Available Options:
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Length Additional:  -Added to Length, for over 100ft
Shrink Color Label:
  Shrink Color Label
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Shrink Color  Label: NoNo
Shrink Color  Label: Black (+$0.50)Black (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Blue (+$0.50)Blue (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Brown (+$0.50)Brown (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Gray (+$0.50)Gray (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Green (+$0.50)Green (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Orange (+$0.50)Orange (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Red (+$0.50)Red (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Violet (+$0.50)Violet (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: White (+$0.50)White (+$0.50)
Shrink Color  Label: Yellow (+$0.50)Yellow (+$0.50)
  Shrink Color Label
Special Instructions:  -Other wiring requests and changes; Fees may apply
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Shipping: Eligible For Free Shipping
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